Single Session Therapy (SST)

Is one session of therapy all you are looking for right now?

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What is Single Session Therapy (SST)?

Just like it sounds, it’s coming in for one session of therapy with no commitment to return. Some people find that one session of therapy is all that they are looking for and they are hesitant to make a commitment to longer-term therapy. As you might imagine, Single Session Therapy (SST) is not about focusing on the roots of things and past history, but what would be most useful for you today.  SST is a solution-focused and strength-based approach as it centers in on how to make the most of the your innate abilities—presenting insights into bolstering existing strengths, restoring autonomy and confidence, and offering solutions and next steps that you can implement immediately. The goal is to leave your session with a better idea for your path forward and actionable steps. You can chose to make another single appointment if you wish or you can call later to schedule a single session based on current availability. 

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