Counseling & Psychotherapy

Feeling “different” from friends and family?

Feeling alone in your thoughts or experiencing a sense of isolation and loneliness? 

Wanting to think positively, but feel stuck in your negative thinking?

Avoiding activities or people that contribute to negative thoughts or have you lost interest in things you once enjoyed?  

Experiencing self-doubt?

Psychotherapy would be extremely helpful to you.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment approach based on the relationship between an individual and a therapist. A therapist provides a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with someone who is objective, neutral and nonjudgmental. A therapist also has expertise in human behavior, relationships, and change as well as models and theories of psychotherapy, all of which will inform the work of therapy.

Although people use therapy for a range of concerns, one common goal is to identify and change the thoughts and behavioral patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best. It is also common to increase your self-awareness and sense of control or agency in your life as a result. Therapy is also useful for increasing a range of skills to foster greater resilience and/or reduce distressing symptoms such as anxiety and panic. 

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